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And the men too, of course

I want to share a fascinating experience I had when attending a round table discussion at a conference. There were amazing coaches at the table from all different specialties, and I introduced myself the way I usually do:

"I empower women to be change agents in their marriage, through hands-on skills and mindset shifts to deepen their connection with their husbands."

There was kind of a pause, and then the woman next to me muttered something about "and the men too, of course."

So, I clarified that I work with women because they have much more power to transform their relationship, on their own.

To which some other women said - well of course, if the husband is willing to listen and learn from her...

And I thought, wow. They really don't get it.

Because I really do believe, and have seen over and over, that in the vast majority of marriages a woman really, actually does have the power to transform her relationship, WITHOUT telling, teaching, or changing her husband in any way.

In fact, I have heard of cases where the husband notices how much their relationship has grown deeper and closer, and has no idea what it is that she has actually done to change it.

If you've been in this space for a while, and you've tried some of the ideas that I've shared, you might have seen that happen for you.

Wondering what else you can try? Pick one of these are do it daily for a week, and let me know what you think!

  • write down 3 things a day that you appreciate about your husband, and what each thing provides for you

  • smile at your husband when he comes home, and every other time he walks into the room

  • notice something that your husband does for you and tell him it made you so happy

For more insight into the power of women to transform a marriage, check out this article.

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