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Fan The Spark
To a Glowing Flame 
Every. Single. Day.

What if you could find the husband of your dreams...
In the man you married?

You've started to implement the Skills.
You see how they are impacting your relationship.

But you're still wondering...

I'm still feeling overwhelmed and stressed - how can I build our connection and get more help?

My husband still has character traits and habits that really bother me - how do I deal with that?

I learned so much but it's hard to keep up with implementing the skills - I need more reminders and support

I'm holding a lot of disappointment and resentment - am I supposed to stuff my feelings?


  • strengthen and reinforce your skills

  • get rid of lingering resentment

  • continuously deepen your connection

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Secret Spark


An exclusive monthly program for the Secret Spark alumna who is ready to take her marriage to the next level
YOU ASKED FOR IT...   You got it!!!

Monthly themes so you can lock in foundational skills 


add new tools for greater intimacy and connection

Reducing overwhelm:

2 short recorded classes


Live Q&A


Keep on track with ongoing reminders, tips and support via 

frequent texts and


Aren't you ready to take your relationship continuously Deeper and Closer?

We'll take a deep dive each month

on a new topic from one of these categories:


Brand new tools

Learn new skills to shift your mindset and dissipate resentment and disappointment

couple connect

Powerful exercises and techniques to carve out time and space to bring you and your husband closer, physically and emotionally

receiving 2.jpg

strengthening foundations

Focused review and habit hacks to lock in your Foundations skills


happy wife

Ideas and inspiration  for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being - because a happy wife is an attractive wife

What I liked about Ignite...

The constant reminders of small things I can practically do, either daily or weekly.

The benefit I got was... keep my marriage front and center in our busy, busy lives

An ever-deeper connection - Minus the overwhelm

recorded classes

Two short (15-30 minute) pre-recorded classes - listen at your convienience

email reminders

Bi-weekly emails with tips, stories and reminders to keep you on track for that month's theme

texting group

Optional texting group - get updates, ask questions, share wins and get support

live class

Live class for Q&A and/or guest speakers - ask your questions on the call, or send in anonymously

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Why miss out on the close connection and emotional intimacy
that can be yours every single day?

Only $30/month

Lock in your Founders' rate of just

$19 / month

No commitment! Cancel any time to stop future payments.

Subscribe for 6 months and save 23%

$87 / 6 months

The structure worked well for me...

I like that it's short recordings and also available offline.... the texts let me know when new things are up

What I liked best...

The small practical tips and ideas of what to do. Its not just in theory, you give practical suggestions that we can implement.

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